When we collect (waste) materials in liquidation and clean-ups we can do the sorting, loading and transport to Earth Trading with own staff. Also we ensure that the site will be left cleaned. If you require additional staff members for the related work, we can help you with that.

Stock lots and remnants

Looking for a buyer for your factory lots, liquidation goods, bankruptcy good or other remnants? New, used, intact or damaged, we buy stock lots at a fair price.


Earth Trading has transport partners all over the world. Therefore we can always quickly retrieve and transport your waste. The waste is eventually transported to our own production in India. Material will be processed in India.

Galvanized shelves free for customers

Waste disposal in your warehouse or factory can cost a lot of time. Time you prefer to put into production. That's why we offer free galvanized shelving. You can store rolls save, hygienic and it is easy to transport inside your plant and quickly loaded into trucks. You reduce your waste by 3 to 5 percent and create better overview to your production. This gives you maximum results for minimum costs. For more information click above on the button "Galvanized Shelves"

You want to have more information?

If you have any question or if you are interested in a co-operation? Please contact us!

Earth Trading is your partner in recycling. We can help you to organize and keep clean your warehouse and we offer an extensive logistics network where and when it suits you to pick up your materials. So you can focus on the real work. 

See our OVAM conditions!



We buy all materials in rolls and sheets.

  • Leatherette

  • Release Paper (used / unused) 

  • Stickers and self-adhesive paper

  • Plastic

  • PVC

  • PVC-vinyl

  • PVC-banners

  • Non-wovens

  • Granulates and regranulates (clean/dirty)

  • Mix granulates

  • Films (PP-PE-PET, etc.)

  • Multilayer films

  • coffee foil

  • Foil Stamping (cold/hot)

  • Poster paper (used/unused)

  • Transport covers (used/unused)

  • Silicon paper

  • Paper with PE

  • Glossy paper

  • LWC-paper

  • Labels

  • Design paper

  • Cigarette paper

  • Furniture paper

  • Decor paper

  • Thermal copy paper

  • Soup Packaging

  • 8am - 22pm

Earth-Trading is all over the world. We have a lot of experience with shipping and other ways to do the transport. We like to visit you when you have a lot of waste materials on the roll and when you want a very good price for it. Please contact us by telephone or email!