Our solution is 100% circular

We buy your waste or residual materials and process it 100% circularly. We give your equipment a second and third life. We are Earth Trading and we do not believe in waste. Your waste is for us not the end for materials but the beginning of a new life for it! We are over 25 years your partner in recycling. We buy and process materials in rolls and sheets. Like all kind of paper, aluminum, plastics and textiles, etc…

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Who we are

Earth Trading was founded in 1997 and belongs to a group of companies that have their own production and processing possibilities for paper, aluminum, copper, artificial substances, products from the cotton mill and many combinations thereof.

Earth Trading focuses on the acquisition, production and processing of paper, metals, plastics and textiles in Europe and beyond. We combine fair prices with a high level of service. So not only do we make the earth more sustainable, but also our customer relationships. Origin Earth Trading was established in 1997 as part of a group of international recycling companies. Headquartered in India. Our European office is in Antwerp, we also have offices in Barcelona and Dubai. Reliability Earth Trading stands for sustainability. Not only when it comes to nature, but also when it comes to the relationship with our customers. A good relationship begins with trust. Therefore, we find some important things : purchased materials do not come back on the market payments typically done beforehand so that you can directly benefit for your waste materials we use written, verifiable guarantees our prices are AF factory, so we all additional costs and risks to our account

Our Europe headquarters in Belgium