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Earth Trading gives you free Galvanized Shelves for your waste materials

You don't have to worry where you put your rolls of materials. We deliver you our Galvanized Shelves for free! It doesn't matter in what country your business is. We transport our shelves to your plant with our forwarder.

Our Galvanized Shelves will live a lifetime!

We make our shelves to fit your waste materials. You can use them as long as we do business together. Our shelves system is tailored to our trailers. Depending on the goods size there may be some 20 shelves transported by trucks.



1)      Sizes: 1,20 x 1,50 meters and 1,30 meters high


2)      Because off the high = 1.30 meters the forklift driver always can see
where he drives in the factory;


3)      You can place 2 on each other are only 2.50 meters high AND so they can load 2 on each other in load lift in the truck, means around 18 per truck;


4)      Empty racks, 1 staple = around 18 empty pallets;


5)      Take one rack and putt the 4 pipes in and you have a rack ready to use ;             


6)      You place a rack DIRECT near by the machine where the operator can place reels in;


7)      Easy to handle;


8)      Very less internal transport, now you drive with minimum 10 reels per rack per forklift drive; 


9)      No Sorting place all type off materials and specifications in the racks as it out of your production;


10)    Time and costs saving;


11)    Cleaner, all racks are all galvanized even for HCCP use;


12)    Saver internal transport, they can be loaded up to 1500 Kg;


13)    Less storage, you can place 2 up each other;


14)    Easy and fast truck loading;


15)    Also a common advantage is that the operator must produce. The racks are nearby the machine, the production manager always see what is in the racks and what they produced and what they produce at the moment;


16)    Normally the put it in containers or direct in warehouse and they are out of sight;


17)    Because the operator place the wrong reels in the racks what is nearby, more time for producing and controlling the production;


19)    WHAT you will see that this has a POSSITIEVE effect on the waste!

     Our experience is that the waste, after a while is reduced about 3-5 %

     Means after a certain time the reels are getting smaller in diameter.